Sunday, October 10

All festival product promotions continue for the final day of the virtual festival.

Last Day of Festival!

Festival Goodbye

Sunday is the last day of the closed virtual festival. Join Micha and Alyssa as they cover the products that will be featured for the day and say thank you and goodbye. Below is a the schedule for Sunday.

8:45AMSunday Goodbye Zoom Call
9:00AMClassic Core Uniques
9:45AMCarved Amber 
10:30AMClassic Core Uniques
11:15AMJumbo Uniques 
1:00PMUniversal Uniques
1:45PMClassic Core Uniques
3:00PM **Remaining Premium Product Will Start Being Posted** Time is approx
3:15PMCarved Amber 
4:45PMUniversal Uniques
5:30PMClassic Core Uniques
6:15PMJumbo Uniques 

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